Summer Full of Netflix


By Carly Polay

As the school year comes to an end, binge watching TV shows begins. Get your Netflix ready for a summer full of starting new shows, or re-watching old ones. People have been non stop talking about Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and much more. These shows have been going on for many seasons and the viewers never want the shows to end.

Grey’s Anatomy is still currently running and has been on the air for 12 seasons. Spoiler alert! There are many rumors that the famous character Cristina Yang will be coming back to the show for a couple of episodes. This fan favorite character hasn’t been on the show since season 10 and has been greatly missed. Fans are happy that this will not be the last season of the dramatic hospital show. The season finale will be on May 19th on ABC.

“I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning. It is so addicting to watch and I feel like I personally know the characters. When the show officially ends I’ll be so sad but I will probably rewatch the entire thing from the beginning!,” says Chloe Pilione.

House of Cards is one of Netflix’s most popular shows. This show is based around a Democrat trying to get a position of higher power with his wife by his side the whole time. It deals with power and manipulation and it’s extremely addicting. The show is currently on Netflix with four seasons. Season five will be coming out in 2017 and the fans can’t wait to watch and see what happens.

House of Cards is such an underrated show. My whole family loves it and it is all we talk about. I’m only on season two but I know I will be watching the show for a long time,” says Jason Selikoff.

What shows will you be watching this summer? Comment down below your favorite TV shows!