WHHS Annual Culinary Competition


By Erica Autiero

The Culinary Competition is back! This is a competition that many students love to get involved in. It takes place in the Gifford Gym on May 11th. Teams gather up to pick a cool theme to wow the judges. Once their theme is decided they then pick the food that corresponds with their theme. Teams have been preparing for weeks but the day of the event is the day they have to make all the food! Each team needs to make an appetizer, a main course, a dessert and a drink! Along with the judges, people that have attended the event can also vote for their favorite team! Everyone who attends this event will get a chance to try some of the best food made by students in WHHS!

              “ I really enjoy going to the culinary competition it’s nice to see all the hard work everyone’s put in and getting to watch my friends cook some really awesome food”, said senior Anton Rizzo.

            “ The past two years I have participated in the culinary competition and I had a really fun time especially winning both sophomore and junior year! It was fun getting with a group and getting to pick a theme and the food we want to serve ,” said senior Marisa Scialla.