Beyonce Launches Ivy Park

By Carly Polay

Who runs the world? Beyonce, of course. Beyonce is literally running the world in her new activewear line called, “Ivy Park”. This new clothing line launches on Thursday, April 14th. People can find this trendy activewear at Top Shop, Nordstrom, and on Net-a-Porter. The Ivy Park message encourages health, fitness and female empowerment. Many other celebrities have their own activewear lines as well. Kate Hudson, Carrie Underwood, and many others launched their own workout clothing lines that have been pretty successful. Other celebrities are the “face” of many popular athletic-wear companies. There is no doubt that “Ivy Park” won’t be another one of Beyonce’s huge successes.

However, not everyone is so impressed with Beyonce’s new achievement. One of the most famous activewear lines, Lululemon, tweeted that Beyonce is basically copying their own line. They tweeted, “They do say imitation is the best form of flattery. Maybe Beyonce is so “Crazy In Love: with our brand, she made her own”. Once the account realized that they just started drama with Beyonce’s devoted fans, they immediately apologized and said how they are “huge fans of Beyonce”.

“I love Lululemon and have a ton of clothing from them. But I think Ivy Park is just another thing Beyonce is doing and will probably still gain more success from,” says Alison Badami, senior.

Will you be working out in Ivy Park clothing? Let us know in the comment section about what you think!