Morning Announcements’ “Healthy Thursdays”



By Olivia Minervini

The Future Doctor’s Club here at WHHS is a club that anyone can join. If you dream of being a doctor when you grow up, or even if you are just interested in the healthcare field, the Future Doctor’s Club is the perfect club for you. One of the many things that the club does for our community is “Healthy Thursday’s” on the morning announcements. Hima Tallam, the adviser in charge of “Healthy Thursday” explained that the “Healthy Thursday’s” are a way to raise health awareness at Wayne Hills.

“With busy schedules, most students do not stop to think about their health,” Tallam said. “The morning announcements is one way to reach out to them and teach them something that could improve their health.”  She added that the goal of the announcements is to tell people tips that are not common knowledge.

“We want to expose people to the new findings in the medical world that could help them in their daily life and what better group is there to do it then the Future Doctors Club? We hope that students at Hills will keep in mind the tips we are giving them because they are effective and have been well researched,” said Tallam.

“Healthy Thursday’s” will be an all year occurrence, as a way to get students here to learn healthy tips, to live a long healthy life.