The “Women’s Tax”


By Yara Abaza

As some people may know, women’s products and services are more costly than are men’s. The “women’s tax” is a real thing and it has been accepted since a 1995 California study that revealed women pay approximately $1,351 a more a year for the same products as men. This is why California banned gender-discriminatory pricing.

Women’s Schick razors cost $1.41 more than men’s. Unisex shirts cost the same for both women and men, but if you were to dry clean the same shirt, it would cost 25 cents more for a woman than for a man.

I think it is unfair for women to pay more than men for the same products, especially since I am a female myself. Others may agree that there should be no reason for men to be paying less than women. The fact that women are paying more for similar products is bad enough, but there are additional products that women buy and men do not because it’s not necessary for them to buy. For instance, women need pads and tampons which sometimes can be pricey. They also pay for makeup, hair, and wax products.

Alexandra Awari said, “I agree with you and I just find it annoying buying things when I know they’re cheaper for men.”

Women are not the only ones affected by the “women’s tax.” Men who work and provide for women, whether it may be their wives, sisters, daughters or mothers, are probably displeased by it as well. This tax on women’s products is absolutely unnecessary and people should work more to get rid of it. There have been efforts to put an end to it, but there have not been any laws created to officially stop it.