Erin Andrews “Peeping Tom” Case


By Gwen Sanagustin

Erin Andrews, a sportscaster, won her case against Nashville Marriott and Michael David Barrett on March 7th, 2016. Andrews is a broadcaster for Fox Sports and co-host of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. She was staying in the Marriott to cover a college football game and Barrett was in the room next to her. Barrett requested the room next to hers and shot nude videos of her through a peephole. This incident occurred in 2008 and still haunts Andrews to this day. In her emotional testimony, she described how her humiliation has doubled because it was reported at the time as a publicity stunt. The owner of the hotel and Windsor Capitol, the hotel’s management company, argued that they should not be held accountable because Andrews’ career blossomed since the incident. The jury found Barrett 51 percent responsible and the hotel 49 percent responsible. Barrett was then sentenced to two and a half years in prison after being found guilty. “She is very courageous having to deal with this all these years, and the man Barrett got what he deserved after putting Erin through all that pain,” said Sophomore Nicole Joachim.