WHHS Disney World Band Trip

By Alyssa Robbins

The WHHS Band spent a fun and exciting President’s Day weekend at Disney World. They left early during school on Wednesday and got home on early Sunday morning. The went to Universal Studios, Epcot, and of course Disney World. They even got to march in the parade at Epcot. All of the students who went loved meeting the different characters and princesses. Many of them met their Disney heroes and favorite characters, like freshmen Annette Muniz who met Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Baymax.

One sophomore Allie Rasa says, “The experience itself was amazing to me. Takeoff felt amazing because you were up high in the air where you could see the clouds and the towns below. When we landed and got to the hotel, the hotel was huge. The rooms were the best part besides going to the parks because you were with your best friends.”

Every four years the band goes to Disney, however this is the longest time they have stayed there in a couple of years. They stayed at Cabana Bay Beach Resort Hotel, which they never stayed at before. They also went to a workshop where they got judged and were given tips on how to perform better. The judge thought the band did a great job.

The overall trip was a successful trip that Christopher Dewilde, the band teacher, planned. The students will have memories that will last forever. Rasa continues, “The parks were awesome! I liked how when we got there we got to wonder around all day with your friends and then meet up with the group at night.”