End of the Winter Track Season

By Olivia Minervini and Katherine Kim

The winter track season is coming to an end. The team competed in the Passaic County Championships on Monday, February 1st, at the Armory Center in New York City. Although the team did not win, they were still successful and proud of what they had accomplished throughout the season. The girls team was even with Passaic Tech with a score of 63 while Hunter Hayek from the boys team tied the meet record for the 200 meter race at 22.1 seconds.  

“The season’s not over but I’m proud of our team and we don’t really have many field players which makes getting points difficult”, said junior and track star Taylor Domico.

 The team has worked extremely hard this season and remains excited for the upcoming Spring Track, or “Sprack”, season. The endless amounts of energy that the girls and boys track teams put in at their practices and workouts is what gets them to be the best that they can be at their meets. The team hopes that more field players participate next year so they can win the titles they rightfully deserve.