Band Though the Ages

By Alyssa Robbins

The WHHS band played at the gymnasium of Schuyler-Colfax Middle School for the Band Through The Ages concert February 2, 2016. The middle school bands played before the high school band performed. Like always, the show was a complete success.

“It was nice to see the talent of all the grades. The level of talent increases from grade to grade.”, said Perri Budd, clarinetist and senior.

All the high school students love and care about this concert because it is a great way for the middle schoolers to see what you can do in a high school band. They can figure out if they want to join band in high school if they like what they see. Sophomore tuba player, Trevor Brooks says, “I thought it was amazing. Seeing the smiles on the children’s face as they passes us made the entire event worth it.”

Each band played two songs and played a conclusion song together. The teachers, Christopher Dewilde, Mathew Paterno, Dennis Puzak, and Roger Vogel introduced each other before they performed with their band. They all have a passion for music and want their students to perform their best. Which is what every student did and that is why the performances were so good.

Stay tuned for the high school band trip to Disney World and the spring concert in May where the high school will have there split band play, too. Split band is when the band auditions and depending on their audition they get put in concert band or wind ensemble.