Take your Child To Work Day at Hills!


By Deanna Inciardi and Joyce Ahn

Remember when you used to be in elementary school following your parents around their work? Holding their hand as you look at all the grown-ups working on many different things around the workplace.

Since 1993, over 3.5 million workplaces across the country have always participated in “Bring Your Child To Work Day.” Parents bring their children to their worksite so that kids can get a chance to expand their career horizons. Many students at Hills participated by going to their parent’s jobs, and teachers participated by bringing their children to school.

Arianna Arcuri, a current freshman at Wayne Hills stated, “Bring your child affected me because I got to see my mom’s everyday life and see what she did at work and I saw how much work it really was to be a teacher. What I did at her school was read to the students and help them with their work since they are 1st graders.”

Evelyn Clewey, also a freshman went with her parents and said, “This year on bringing your child to work, I went to my mom’s work, which was teaching at an elementary school. I talked with the kids and I learned what it was really like to be a teacher.”

Many teachers that Wayne Hills brought their own children to work with them to spend a day with all of the students. Mr. Levy, a history teacher at Hills, says, “It was truly a great joy to bring my daughter, Aurora, to Wayne Hills High School for Take Your Child to Work Day. She was so excited to see where her daddy worked and had a wonderful time meeting the students and teachers. The special events added to the day made it that much more fun for her. For me, it was a special experience to show her where I work and how much I enjoy being at the school. I am so glad that we were able to share this special day together.”

Of course, the school day could get a little boring for children of many ages, so teachers and students set up many fun activities for the children.

Mrs. Cangialosi, an English and child development teacher helped set these activities up. She commented, “I did not put the entire thing together. However, my CD 3 students collaborated to create activities that we thought would be appropriate for different grade levels. Students brainstormed ideas, created materials, organized games, and executed the plan. Using the skills they learned in their lecture, they were able to handle many of the circumstances that came up. They also worked with student ambassadors and helped out other teachers in the building who helped with activities. The most important lesson that my students learned was how important collaboration and communication are when trying to put something like this together.”.\

Bring your child to work day has always been a tradition for many kids all over the world, especially in America. Bring Your Child to Work Day gives students the opportunity to explore options for the future and gives them a deeper understanding of what it’s like to work. We hope that children who came to Hills and Hills students who went to their parent’s jobs had an amazing experience.