New Chipotle Coming to Wayne

New Chipotle Coming to Wayne

By Noah Sandler, Staff Writer

Chipotle has announced plans to open a new location in Wayne and some students are thrilled while others aren’t too excited. 

According to, The new location will be built in the former Charlie Brown’s location on Hamburg Turnpike, pending township approval. The new location will have indoor seating for up to 44 people, an outdoor patio, and a drive-thru lane. The location is planned to be 2,300 square feet and will be attracting customers from all around town, especially Wayne Hills.

Chipotle offers a variety of Mexican food including burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, and quesadillas. Customers will be able to order in the restaurant, app, or drive-thru.

Senior Bradley Galambos loves everything Chipotle offers so much that he says, “Some people say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but I like to say a visit to Chipotle a day keeps my hunger away.”

Teenagers love Chipotle’s food because it offers tasty food while containing nutrients and protein. Once opened, it will definitely be a common lunch spot for juniors and seniors.

Senior Ava Bergman is a big fan of everything Chipotle offers. She thinks that “opening a Chipotle in Wayne is an amazing idea because it’s so much closer for everyone than having to drive 30 minutes to Willowbrook.”

Other students aren’t too happy about it. Senior Marisa Toulas says, “Opening a Chipotle in that specific location is very dangerous. It’s going to cause lots of traffic and backup issues.”

Some don’t think the food is very good either. Senior Ava Pereira says, “I personally don’t think that this opening a new Chipotle is a good idea because the one in Willowbrook gave me food poisoning and I don’t like it.”

There is no expected opening date yet but once it passes township approval construction will begin.