New Jersey Suffers Weekend Flooding

New Jersey Suffers Weekend Flooding

By Emily Caslander, Staff Writer

While some people spent the last weekend of April on the couch watching movies and hanging out with friends, others cleaned up water. Over the past weekend, New Jersey had been flooded with water. Basements, backyards, and garages were left saturated.

On Sunday, April 30, all 21 New Jersey counties were issued a flood warning, some received up to 4 inches of rainfall. Wayne is known to have a past for flooding, but many were unprepared for the rain that came over the past weekend.

Ava Renner, a resident of Wayne Township, and a student who attends Wayne Hills said, “This past weekend was filled with rain. All I wanted to do was go outside, but the rain was stopping me. Instead, I spent my weekend drying my basement with my dad because it flooded.”

Another student at Wayne Hills, Yati Patel, said “I was away all weekend with my family, so I missed most of the storm this weekend. But when I got home my backyard was filled with lots of water.”

People who live in Monmouth County or around the area experienced the most damage. Roads were filled with water making it hard for people to drive, basements were flooded, and backyards were overflowing with pools of water.