Seniors Choose Colleges Based on Finances, Best Fit

By Angelique Casaleggio, Staff Writer

College decisions are already hard enough so to speak. With senior year being packed with loads of fun activities and wrapping up all the loose ends of schoolwork and students’ lives back at home, it’s hard to think of leaving behind all we know.  

Around November seniors are already submitting their applications to a plethora of different colleges and patiently awaiting a response. Some hear back for rolling decisions that can be as soon as a week after submission. Others can go through the deferral process where they will hear back later in the year after being placed in the second round of applicants. 

Another possibility is students can hear back from colleges all the way up until summer if placed on the dreadful “waitlist”. 

When all the decisions are officially in, it’s time for these students to make their final pick on what school they want to attend in the fall. This decision needs to be made very carefully, since this will be the residency of students for at least the next several years.

After speaking with a handful of Wayne Hills Seniors, factors for this decision were very similar across the board. David Groel who will be attending Ramapo College in the fall, mentioned his Financial Aid and Scholarship was the main factor in his decision, Jared Mcullen said the same. As for Sophia Kearney and Drew Oppenheim, their commitment to play a sport was their deciding factor. Others explained that the campus and atmosphere helped in choosing.

Angelique Casaleggio

Deciding is difficult, but when reviewing these key components, making your decision could be so much easier!