What Students Are Looking Forward to in Marking Period 4

What Students Are Looking Forward to in Marking Period 4

Now that spring break is over, students are looking forward for June 21, the final day of school year 2023. Spring break, a break that was needed for many students, is almost over, signaling the end of the school year. This school year was especially important because it was the first normal year for students since 2020. Now, the 3rd marking period is already almost over and the end of the school year is approaching. Students are looking forward to their exciting plans coming up this summer. 

Raymond Gerardo, a freshman here at Hills said, “I’m hyped for school to end, and I’m also excited to go back to gym class again. I can’t wait for the football season to start again.”

“I’m excited for my pool to open again in the summer, but I’m really sad that freshman year is already almost over. My first season of lacrosse just started and I have been enjoying it a lot,” Joey Saverino commented. 

Spring sports are exciting for most of the students as we are in the midst of the lacrosse, baseball, softball, and tennis season. Our Wayne Hills High School sports teams are looking forward to the games and practices with their teammates and friends. 

Although there are many great things upcoming in the 4th marking period, seniors are sad, now that they are faced with the reality of their senior year ending. Seniors are excited to enter into a new stage of life, but they are upset to leave behind highschool. The senioritis is really kicking in, as many are already committed to a college and are figuring out what they are gonna do after highschool. Although some seniors are upset, many seniors are excited for a new beginning at college.

Senior Carli Imparato at Hills stated, “I am excited for college and experiencing a different lifestyle than I am used to. The independence and exposure to new people is something I look forward to!”

Teachers are also very excited for their plans. Mrs. Tobinas expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming marking period. “In Marking Period 4, I will be teaching Project Adventure 2 for my first time, which I’m very excited for. Project Adventure 2 takes place outside, and students will be climbing the towers, ziplining, and more. I will also be teaching sports medicine 2, and will be able to see the kids learn about many interesting things with hands-on activities, and apply things to their own life for the future,” she said.

The long awaited end of the school year 2023 is approaching as we head into the last and final marking period. Students and teachers have all kinds of exciting plans and hopes. We cannot wait to see what the fourth marking period holds for students and teachers here at Hills.