Taylor Swift is Single


Seniors Trisha Vyas (left) and Angel Casaleggio (right) repping Taylor merch from her Reputation tour

By Emily Sawyer, Senior Editor

“You never loved me, or anyone, or anything.”

Breaking News: Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have tragically broken up after spending six long years together.

An insider revealed to Entertainment Tonight, “the relationship had just run its course.” When the two had first confirmed their relationship back in 2017, Taylor was retreating from the spotlight after releasing her 6th studio album, Reputation. Alwyn had always been described as the quieter type, and the relationship seemingly dissipated partly because he was not used to the amount of fame Taylor receives. 

Fans were especially shocked with news of the break up because of how seemingly happy the two had been. Swift is known by most to write amazing songs about terrible exes, i.e. “Dear John” about John Mayor and “All Too Well” about Jake Gyllenhaal. However, with Joe, Taylor has released some of her best love songs yet, including top tracks like “Lover,” “Gorgeous,” “Paper Rings,” and many, many more. 

Despite dropping such lovey-dovey songs, most of Taylor and Joe’s relationship was kept private, their breakup included (at first). Since ET’s exclusive reveal on April 8th, Swifties have taken it upon themselves to sleuth out the truth. Some even theorized the breakup was nothing more than a publicity stunt to divert everyone’s attention from her potentially releasing her 3rd re-recorded album, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). 

Unfortunately, the rumors were not, in fact, just rumors, and Taylor, being the easter-egg dropping star that she is, had slowly been telling fans all along. During her performance in Arlington, Texas on March 31 as a part of her Eras Tour, Taylor swapped out the song “Invisible String,” a track connecting her to Alwyn, with “The 1,” a song reminiscing on a past relationship who “could’ve been the one.”

Senior and Swiftie Nicollette Klein shared,”Now when I listen to her love songs about him I can’t help but feel sad because they’re not together anymore.”

While fans are sad for Taylor, they are equally eager for her next heart-breaking album, and in the meantime will continue to support her as she continues touring.