The Strangest Things Seen at Wayne Hills

By Riya Kachroo and Mia Rivera

A student’s time at Wayne Hills is a huge aspect of their life. Going to school each day, from months on end, can get boring at times. It often feels like we see the same thing every day. However, once in a blue moon, students witness some weird things. From stuffed animals to stolen items, the students of Wayne Hills have encountered interesting things over the years, 

When asked about her odd experiences senior Geena Kim said, “One time, I saw a student wearing a clown mask in the senior lot. I couldn’t recognize who it was and when I tapped on their shoulder, they screamed in my face, licked their hand, and ran away. I was so confused. It was so strange.” 

Geena encountered someone who was scary and unhygienic. This was definitely not something she sees on a day to day basis, but it’s those moments that break up the repetitiveness of school. Geena will be watching her back in the lot! 

Senior Keila Caning has had some strange experiences at school. The senior said, “A couple of weeks ago I was in the lunch line. There were only a few students behind me, maybe like two, because it was towards the end of lunch. I got my plate of food and put it down for a second to ask if there were any cookies I could buy. I must’ve looked away for 10 seconds, and before I knew it my lunch was stolen! It was so strange because really no one else was in there with me and I would’ve heard them. Strange.”

Poor Keila was a victim to a stolen lunch. While it was probably a sneaky student looking for a free snack, Keila found the way in which it was stolen to be very odd. Next time, she definitely won’t be putting her lunch tray down. 

Sophomore Emma Rivera had a straightforward answer when questioned about the weirdest thing she has ever witnessed here at Hills. Emma, with no reaction in her face, said, “My sister.”

This was a completely normal response for Emma to give. Emma said she tries to avoid seeing her sister in the hallway any chance she can get. She feels as though it is weird to see her older sister in the hallway. Having to see her sister in the hallway becomes and awkward encounter she said. Emma says it’s different than when she is at home with her. But Emma did say that deep down she does love knowing her big sister is here with her.

On a funnier note, senior Sofia Wunej recounted her strange encounter as well. Sofia said “So one time I saw someone dressed up in a lab coat, roaming around the halls. They were dressed as that one doctor character from Phineas and Ferb. Well way he was running around the school, and the weirdest part was he was carrying a stuffed platypus around in a cage with him. It was funny, but pretty weird! 

Sofia is never forgetting that experience! Among the usual clothing that students wear, like sweatshirts and tee, was a man running around with a fake pet and lab coat. 

Like Keila, Mr. Hoogstrate also saw something strange in the commons during lunch. Mr. Hoogstrate said “one time I was working lunch duty and a German Shepherd came bursting through the doors and started wagging his tail. He was so happy to be there, but it was weird because he came out of nowhere!”

That definitely needs to happen more at Hills! Who doesn’t want a cute dog running around the lunch room? Next time, Mr. Hoogstrate will be sure to keep a few treats in his pockets during lunch duty.

The students at Wayne Hills have definitely seen some strange things during their time at school… and the school year isn’t over yet!