How are we feeling about Enriched Classes Being Weighted Now?


Mr. Fleissner’s English 11 Enriched class having a blast!

By Trisha Vyas, Senior Editor

Last year, everyone talked about how Wayne Hills students were taking enriched classes, only for them not to be weighted, like general classes. However, they were still doing more academically challenging work. Lizzy Boulous in her article called “Enriched Classes: Should They be Weighted” said, “enriched students are burning themselves out trying to meet the expectations of their classes and not being appreciated.”

Students’ prayers were answered when over the summer, Principal Rewick sent an email out saying that any future enriched classes students take would have a 0.25 additional weight increase to the general.  

Freshman Matthew Weiner is taking a few enriched classes in his first year of high school and feels good about the extra boost enriched classes are now getting towards his GPA. He says, “I don’t have to try as hard, because I get better grades by not getting a better grade.” 

However, it was not going to be possible to change the weighting of previous enriched classes taken. For example, if you were a senior and you took enriched classes your sophomore or junior year, you would not be able to add the 0.25 weighted increase to those classes, only if you were taking an enriched class this current senior year.

Upperclassmen especially, because of this were angry because they had worked hard all throughout their high school career in their enriched classes especially and they also fought to make enriched classes weighted, but many were not able to reap the benefits of it. 

Junior Tala Varouqa has taken enriched classes in previous years and feels “really upset” that the additional weight is not being added to the classes she worked so hard for. 

Although Wayne Hills students are making progress in getting the credit they deserve for working so hard in all of their classes. They have more reason to take enriched classes because they know that they are getting rewarded for taking a harder class, and they now feel it is worth taking an enriched class instead of taking a harder general class with no weight.

However, those upperclassmen who pushed for the credit,  cannot enjoy it, unless they are taking enriched classes this year or next year.