Flag Football Season Begins

Wayne Hills’ first ever female flag football team has already started their first season in 2023 with coach, John Renaldo. 

Football has been known to be a “boy’s sport” for a long time but the Wayne Hills Flag Football team is a way for girls to have an opportunity to prove stereotypes wrong. 

A senior on the Wayne Hills girls flag football team, Angelique Casaleggio says,  “I am really excited for this season. Yesterday was my first practice because I have been sick, and I can say the temperature was really cold. We did some stuff in the gym, we did a lot of drills of catching and throwing; running a lot of plays to get a feel for what everyone’s position is. Something I am looking forward to this season is going to the jet’s practice field which is a pretty cool experience.”

Although the first girls flag football team has just begun, girls already love it. It is cold and tiring but that doesn’t stop them from working their hardest. 

A Freshman on the Wayne Hills girls flag football team, Kailin Leszkowicz said, “At first, playing flag football and lacrosse at the same time was a little challenging, but I have gotten used to it. In the beginning of the season, the Jets provided us with our uniforms and flags and promoted the flag football team, which is why we visited the Jets field. Going to the Jets field was an overall great experience and was cool to see.”

The team had their first win at their first scrimmage on April 6 against Eastside, which the team was excited about. “There are more wins to come this season,” Said Kailin Leszkowicz. The team is also excited for this first game, this Sunday against Kennedy. You can also go watch them on Wednesday, April 19th at Ramapo high school.

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