Students Adapt To Gym Shirts


By Deanna Inciardi, Joyce Ahn

It’s an everyday routine for gym class; going into the locker room, getting changed into your gym shirt, and going out for gym class. But are these gym shirts necessary for the class? There have been many disputes about whether or not students should wear the mandatory gym shirts bought every year. Every grade has a different color for the shirt- Freshmen wear maroon, Sophomores wear gold, juniors wear black, and seniors wear gray shirts. These shirts are meant to be worn every day in gym class. Many people say that this is an unnecessary waste of money when it comes to buying the $6 shirt.

During Covid, there was no change for the gym because of the hybrid schedule that we had during that time. Now, coming into the 22-23 school year, gym teachers started to make the kids of Wayne Hills wear them again.

Students at Wayne Hills have their own opinions on this topic. Some say that gym shirts are needed and should stay mandatory, however, some students think they’re stupid and pointless.

Lana Lacorte, a freshman here at Wayne Hills said, “I definitely think that they are necessary since I don’t want my nice clothes to get dirty. I also don’t want people to be smelly all day.”

Freshman Sophia Slaska said, “I think that mandatory gym shirts are important because I don’t want to stay in sweaty clothes all day.”

Freshman Yati Patel stated, “I like gym shirts because for example, if you are wearing jeans, you might get hurt. I especially sweat a lot and I think that it is a necessary requirement.”

Although many students agree with mandatory gym shirts, other people think that gym shirts have no use. What’s the point of these shirts anyways?

Justin Graves, in 9th grade, commented, “It’s like any other class here at Wayne Hills, so we shouldn’t have to change.” Joey Savarino added on by saying, “There’s no need to change since it’s annoying and useless. It just wastes time off of gym class.”

There are many different opinions on the shirts we have to wear for the gym. A lot of students want to keep gym shirts for the sake of keeping their clothes nice and clean. However, some believe that it’s just a waste of time and think they should just be able to participate in gym class no matter if they wear gym shirts or not.