Updates on the Empowerment Club


By Emily Sawyer, Senior Editor

In 2021, sophomores Hanna Hajdu and Sabreen Sarwar proposed the idea for a new club: The Female Empowerment Club. Two years later, now seniors, the two have successfully founded a gender-inclusive club built on empowering and supporting individuals at Wayne Hills.

During the process of getting the club approved, the Board of Education thought it is better to build a club that is supportive of all genders, hence, the Empowerment Club was made.

The club began in the midst of Covid-19 when meetings had to be held entirely virtually. These first few meetings were solely discussion-based but nonetheless focused on essential topics including Islamaphobia, the Covid crisis in India, and empowering the LGBTQ+ community.

Fast-forward to the present, the Empowerment Club has successfully transitioned to hybrid (virtual and in-person) and interactive meetings. Passion projects have been in order and the club works to take action toward the things previously discussed in their zoom meetings.

Last year, the Empowerment Club raised over 8000 necessary items for a local women’s shelter in Wanaque called Strengthen our Sisters. Hygiene products, clothing, and dish soap were donated to women and children who were previous domestic abuse victims.

This year, the Empowerment Club showed the film Smoke Signals, highlighting the differences between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation (specifically towards the Indigenous community). Club members were then asked to create informational posters researching an indigenous group and spreading awareness about its tribe.

Since day one, the club’s members and officers have stayed true to their cause and worked hard to bring it to fruition.

Treasurer Yara Shobut is excited about the club’s progression. “We have inspired a group of passionate individuals,” she said.

The club’s most recent meeting was on March 9 in room 163, discussing antisemitism and the Jewish community in Wayne. New members are always welcome, so be sure to join the Google Classroom with code jgmdqe3 to attend the next meeting!