The Top 5 Best Romance Movies Of All TIme

Dancing in the street

Dancing in the street

By Gabby Birkland and Andrea Fitzgerald, Staff Writers

Romance movies are for everyone especially those hopeless romantics out there, those who do have a significant other and those who don’t all have one thing in common; you can’t resist watching a rom com. We’ve listed our top 5 best romantic movies based on multiple factors. The emotion, the passion, and the belief that alters our mind to root for certain love interests all play into what makes a good movie choice. From the most favorite to least favorite, let’s dive into our top 1!

Starting off with the movie that grossed over $182 million dollars, starring award winning Sandra Bullock, we have “While You Were Sleeping” directed by Jon Turteltaub. The movie started in Chicago, where Lucy (Sandra Bullock) , a poor train worker, gets mistaken for the all rich Peter Callaghan (Peter Gallagher) When Peter falls into a coma, he is off and asleep while Lucy is fooling his family. As Peter’s younger brother Jack (Bill Pullman) comes home, he is the only one to suspect something’s off. As time goes on, Lucy finds herself in a sticky situation as she’s spending more time with Jack.

Close to first, but running up in seconds, one of the most popular romance movies of all time goes to “The Notebook.” Performing well at the box office, receiving multiple award nominations, and winning 8 Teen Choice Awards , a Satellite Award, and a MTV Movie Award definitely makes you ready to hold your tissues for a good cry! Zooming down into the state of South Carolina, mill worker Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) and the average rich girl Allie (Rachel McAdams), and just like any other rich kid’s parents (mostly), they did not approve of him. The lovers met at a carnival, but when Allie decided to leave for New York, Noah wrote 365 letters a day to Allie. (although she did not receive them due to her mother) Years go by as Noah left for the army and Allie was the army nurse. Allie met another soldier, Lon Hammand (James Mardsen) and decided to fall in love with him. Allie accidently saw a newspaper of Noah in there and she felt separated between both love interests. 

In third, one of my personal favorite rom-coms, How to Lose Guy in 10 Days. Journalist Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) is put on an assignment to find out what makes a guy run, her goal is to “lose a guy in 10 days”. In order for Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey), an advertising executive,  to get a client he must complete a bet of making a girl fall in love with him in ten days. What happens when the 2’s paths cross, I’ll tell you what, drama, love, comedy, and a little bit of revenge.

Coming up second to last , Pretty Woman! Pretty Woman is a must watch, as a “street” worker Vivian (Julia Roberts)  and CEO Edward (Richard Gere) find each other in need of company on the streets of New York. Her first time in an expensive hotel leads to a longer visit. Edward decides to hire Vivian as his personal escort and she agrees. During their time, a lot of unexpected things were uncovered: since Vivian is new to her little “escort” act, it is a little strange how Edward is giving her money out of nowhere. As Vivian is changing her life into a  upper class looking woman, she’s having her own little life complications which she needs to fix.

Finally last but obviously not least The Princess Diaries 2: the royal engagement, where you join young Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) on her quest to find her prince charming. When she has 2 handsome princes flaunting her, one with pure intentions and one without, who will she fall for; the innocent prince Andrew Jacoby (Callum Blue) or the devious prince Nicholas Devereaux (Chris Pine)? Complications come along the way as Mia changes the law of Genovia to make herself her own independent queen.