Superbowl Halftime: Who will be NEXT?


Emma shows her love for Pitbull!

By Mia Rivera and Riya Kachroo

The Super Bowl has always been one of the most talked about events of the year. From angry fans to foam fingers, to bland boiled hot dogs and cheesy nachos, the game is truly an event to remember. One of the most memorable aspects of the Super Bowl is, of course, the halftime show, where each year one of the biggest celebrities of our generation performs in front of millions of watching fans. This year fans waited eagerly to find out who would be performing and fans were ecstatic to find out that it would be Rihanna- and while some fans were in love with her performance others felt that she lacked Super Bowl pizzazz. With that, students are already discussing who next year’s performer should be… and the students at Wayne Hills had a lot to say. 

The halftime performance is 13 minutes which the entire family is satisfied with. For many this performance is everything. People have different artists that rock their worlds, and having them perform would mean everything. When asked who she would want to see perform next, sophomore Emma Rivera said, “I would want Pitbull. I saw him in concert, and I think he would be awesome at the Super Bowl.”

Emma is Hispanic and feels as though having him perform would make her and others love their culture, and who they are. She said she is always listening to Pitbull and his music is so energetic, it always makes her get up and dance. Just like Emma, Senior Mia Kahrar would love to see Pitbull perform. Both Emma and Mia hope to see him during the halftime performance very soon. 

Hispanics are very passionate about their culture. Not only do they love Spanish music, but many others love to hear Spanish music. Mrs. Schalago said, “Bad Bunny needs to perform at the next Superbowl.”

Mrs. Schalago loves Bad Bunny and finds him very entertaining to listen to. He adds a fun twist to your traditional Spanish music, that gets the whole crowd up and dancing. She said he is very popular and any age group would be willing to listen to and watch him.

Another fan favorite from multiple students was Drake. Senior Luca Gioino said, “I think Drake should perform because his music is fire.” While the temperature of his music may not be physically hot, he is definitely a popular option amongst teenage boys. 

Senior Stephen Kubis agrees as well, saying “Drake should perform because he’s the best in the business. Morgan Wallen or Luke Combs would be nice too.” Drake is Stephen’s number 1 option, but he wouldn’t mind some country music at next year’s performance either. 

While most people quickly picked their favorite celebrities, senior Sam Huerta, questioned who her 2024 pick would be.

Sam said “I wouldn’t be able to choose right now. I think it heavily depends on who releases an album this year and how that goes.” While Rihanna performed without releasing an album in years, Sam felt that the upcoming 2024 halftime performance should be by someone who is putting out new music. 

The halftime show is definitely always one to remember, whether it be in a good or a bad way. With over 118 million people tuning in this year, and even more tuning in the past, people are already preparing to tune in and see who the 2024 halftime performer will be!