Has Beyoncé Finally Gotten Her Fair Share At the Grammy Awards?


Beyoncé at the 65th Grammy Awards accepting her thirty-second Grammy

By Stephanie Tulpan, Staff Writer

On the night of the 65th Annual Grammy Awards, iconic music artist Beyoncé did not leave the crowd shocked with her routine victory.

This past Sunday, Beyoncé took the stage to accept yet another Grammy. Throughout her whole career, she has won thirty-two total Grammys, breaking the all-time record of thirty-one which was previously held by conductor Georg Solti.

Her blockbuster album Renaissance was awarded Best Dance/Electronic Album, being most loved by fans and the LGBTQ+ community who inspired it. Upon receiving her award, she showed gratitude by saying, “Thank you to the queer community for your love and for inventing this genre.” 

Three of her songs in Renaissance, “CUFF IT,” “Break My Soul,” and “Plastic off the Sofa,” won the Grammys for Best R&B Song, Best Dance-Electronic Music Recording, and Best R&B Performance, making this a “Big Four Win'” for Beyoncé.

Beyoncé’s legacy has been growing for decades. In 2000, she won her first Grammy with the retired group “Destiny’s Child” for Best R&B Performance from a Group, and since then, has gone her own way to win dozens more. Although she has won thirty-two Grammys, it is noteworthy that she was actually nominated for a Grammy seventy-nine times.

Despite her thirty-two triumphs, Beyoncé has yet to win Album of the Year or Song of the Year. Some fans may consider this “blasphemous” and an indirect insult towards her legacy, while others may say she has only gotten what she deserves. 

Opinions have begun circulating in the media debating Beyoncé’s worthiness of her Grammys. While some people are anticipating yet another victory for her, others are awaiting an end to a dragged-on era.

Sophomore Adonia David, who is an avid Beyoncé fan, said, “I think Beyoncé is a good singer and she deserves all of the Grammys she’s gotten.”

On the other hand, some people have recently started to question whether or not Beyoncé is “overrated”, and if she has received too much recognition over the years. Adonia added, “But, I definitely think there are better artists, like Adele, who is really good.” 

With a lot of pressure on her now as the all-time Grammy record holder, Beyoncé needs to give it her all next year, and let the public dictate whether her winning streak continues or finally comes to an end.