Students and Administrators Annoyed over Mischief in Bathrooms


Angelique Casaleggio

Shannon Tighe pictured attempting to open a locked bathroom door

By Angelique Casaleggio , Staff Writer

The past few weeks at Wayne Hills have been rough to wrap our heads around. Student bathrooms have been continuosly locked due to misdemenors being commited by our fellow peers.

Why exactly have the bathrooms been locked?

This is a very plausible question many students have been asking in the past few weeks at Wayne Hills. 

After speaking with Assistant Principal, Mr. Cavins, along with Principal Rewick, explained that the bathrooms are locked due to violations of the discipline code including writing on the walls, vaping, bullying, and unnecessary destruction. 

They also mentioned that although they don’t have any future plans of any restriction to bathroom use, the behavior that’s been exhibited is “ridiculous”. 

After speaking with Wayne Hills Head Custodian, Bassam Merza, it was broadly apparent that he is baffled and confused as to why students are acting this way as well. He mentioned that in some of the boys bathrooms he has seen entire soap dispensers emptied on the floor and things like entire rolls of toilet paper and paper towels soaked and wadded on the floor. 

Unfortunately for Mr. Merza, among the rest of the custodian crew, these messes are hard to tend to, and these things take time, ending in bathrooms frequently being shut in the prior weeks.  

After speaking to 92 students attending Hills, only 8 admitted they find this recent behavior as funny or entertaining.