Midterms: Testing is Back with a BANG!


Senior Kaitlyn Cooper understands the benefits of testing and feels that it prepares students for the future

By Riya Kachroo and Mia Rivera

Midterms. A word that makes most students break out into a cold sweat.

Recently, the halls of Wayne Hills have been filled with conversations about testing this year. In the past, COVID-19 has impacted testing and eliminated it from the last two school years, but this year, testing is back. Many students have taken quarterlies in order to prepare for their midterms, while other students are enjoying their year test-free. However, not everyone agrees on the sporadic nature of testing this year and the topic is becoming quite heated as the 2023 school year progresses. 

Students who have taken a quarterly feel mainly good about it. While it is natural for these students to feel that it’s unfair that they have to test while others don’t, most students feel that it is preparing them for the future. Senior Bradley Galambos said “After the first quarterly, I made a folder with all of the information that I had, because I knew everything after the first one would be on the second one so I am just studying that to prepare. This was for physics- I feel pretty calm, cool, and collected when it comes to testing.” Bradley has gotten a hold of studying efficiently and doesn’t see testing as much of a stress. 

Other students are thinking more long-term when it comes to the impact of testing. Senior Keila Caning said, “I feel prepared to take midterms, as I just took my quarterly and did pretty well! I don’t mind taking the tests, even if you don’t do super well it won’t destroy your grade. Just try your best and remember it is preparing you for college!” Keila also does not feel overwhelmed by testing and finds it beneficial as it helps prepare her for college exams! Similar to Bradley, both students truly see the benefits of taking quarterlies and eventually midterms.

On the other hand, Senior Marisa Toulas said “I have to take midterms and I am not happy about it. They are overrated and they’re just another stress factor every day in students’ already stressful lives.” Marisa disagrees with the popular opinion and feels that midterms are not efficient and add unnecessary stress to students’ lives. 

For many students here at Wayne Hills, having to not take a test like this is amazing. There are no levels of stress and no grueling hours of studying. Even though they are happy for never taking one, it does come with its consequences. The seniors at Hills are nervous to experience a real exam in college, as though they feel unprepared. Senior Kaitlyn Cooper said,  “Obviously, they’re aggravating to study for, and it’s stressful, but I think it’s important to measure how much progress you’ve made throughout the year and prepare for college exams- even though nobody likes taking them.”

Kaitlyn wishes that she was exposed to this kind of test-taking since next year she will be taking a lot. College is not easy and having final exams makes the experience tougher. In the moment it was great to hear the news that she didn’t have to take a test, but now looking back she wishes she would have been able to take at least one. 

Just like Kaitlyn, Senior Drew Oppenheim said, “I think it’s good to have final exams, and not having any is making me feel unprepared as I know we are going to have some in college.”  

Drew believes that if he had the opportunity to take an exam in high school he would feel better about going to college next year. The practice in high school would better develop his mindset when he is in college and studying for those exams.

The students of Wayne Hills feel mainly positive about testing. Most students taking it don’t mind it and while they do feel it isn’t fair that all students aren’t taking it, they are feeling prepared for college. Students who are not taking the midterms are happy having more free time not studying, but feel as if it is going to hurt them in the long run. Either way, for some, testing is back at Wayne Hills and is here to stay.