Uggs are Taking Over! Again!


Senior Angel Casaleggio Rocking her Ugg Ultra-Mini’s

By Trisha Vyas, Senior Editor

Old fashion trends are constantly being renewed over the years like bucket hats, cargo pants and claw clips. But the most recent renewed fashion trend of late 2022 and early 2023 so far has been Uggs, with a twist: they are much smaller in size and they only go up to the upper part of your ankle.

In the early 2010s, the normal sized Ugg boots were something a lot of girls or guys desperately wanted, for the most part. They were more on the expensive side, so girls would go out of their way to buy dupes that were slightly cheaper, but looked very similar to the original Ugg boots.

It seems like Uggs are making a comeback and are becoming as popular as they were five to 10 years ago. However, that might not be the case because of the controversy arising with the brand. This is because of an Australian trademark issue, as Australians call a generic type of foot wear “uggs” that may not be even from the brand Uggs. According to NPR, The Deckers Outdoor Corporation (creators of the Uggs brand) took Australian businessman Eddie Oygur to court over the issue of Oygur selling 12 boots to American customers online. “It’s the story of how Ugg went from a cozy niche in the world of footwear to an icon of basic culture, and what it tells us about this system where everyday words can be fenced off as private property and the force threatening every trademark in existence.”

Over the years Ugg slippers have been worn by many people in school, although they don’t adhere to the dress code because they don’t have a backing, for comfort and ease during those lazy and rushed mornings.

Now, the new and improved Ugg Ultra Mini-Boots and majority of not only girls, but guys at school own them. One of the most popular type of Ugg shoes currently are the Ugg Classic Ultra Mini Boots in “Chestnut,” which are $140. Another popular shoe is the Ugg Women’s and Men’s Tasman Slippers, which are about $100.

Senior Andrew Sabeh is one of the few that do not like the look of Ugg slippers saying, “I think it gives a kind of sloppy vibe. Not a fan.” When asked how he feels when Ugg slippers leave a permanent stain when it gets wet he said, “That just proves my reason on why you shouldn’t wearing them in the first place. Your shoes are supposed to meant for the outdoors and obviously these slippers are meant for the indoors. Not for school.”

Senior Sophia Kearney is one of the many people who own one of the new trending Ugg shoes- she has the Tasman slippers in Chestnut. She said that they are comfortable, they are her favorite shoes to wear, and that she wears them everyday. Kearney got them for Christmas last year because she noticed that everyone was getting them and that she “needed to get those.” Sophia also had the the famous Classic Short II Ugg boots years ago when it was trending in three different colors: brown, gray and black.

These new and tiny Ugg slippers are popular in school because of their comfort and their efficiency to put them on when you are running late, or feeling lazy. Especially now in the winter time, when students are feeling unmotivated and are yearning for some sort of break and warm weather. Ugg slippers are the epitome of students experiencing “senioritis” or just a slump in general.