Lauren Faltas: Artist of the Month!


By Sujoy Nath, Staff Writer

Photography is a common passion among Hills’ students. However, senior Lauren Faltas stands out from her peers. This is evident through her position as Artist of the Month of January 2023! How did she get chosen?

First, a little background on Lauren’s photography journey. Lauren has her own business where she takes photos for people’s baptisms, engagements, birthday parties, and other events. She has a website to support and market her business.

Now for the burning question: how did Lauren get picked? It all started with a Facebook group that she was a part of called the NJ Photographers. They had posted this contest sometime in October asking artists to submit their work to be featured at the Gallery on Main in Somerville. Participants were required to submit three pieces of art by November 1st, 2022.

Lauren submitted seven beautiful photos that she claims are her best work. She said, “I picked the ones I had gotten the most feedback from, but it was mainly based on my preferences: the ones I liked looking at.”

The photos were generally based on nature. Photos include butterflies, leaves, pictures from her trip to Hawaii, and more. And just like that– she won! Her work was presented in the gallery throughout the month of January. Lauren had a wall to herself that displayed the seven pieces she submitted along with three others. Bigger photos were on the wall while smaller versions laid on a table. The largest one was a photo of a butterfly, placed in the middle of Lauren’s wall. But this is easier than said.

Lauren had to put it all together herself. She had to print the images, purchase frames, matt the photos, price them, and so much more. A few weeks ago was the opening reception, which was the first day all her work was presented.

Overall, we are all extremely proud and happy for Lauren and will continue to support her photography journey!