Freshmen’s Top Funniest Moments in 2022

By Audrey Hinchman and Kaitlyn Nussbaum, staff writers

Freshmen at Wayne Hills High School have had many funny moments but they led up to memories that people will remember forever. Although they have only been a part of this school for four months, they already started making a lifetime of funny occurrences. Let’s hear about the funniest freshman moments.

Number one: getting kicked out of the gym or getting timeouts. Everyday, someone new is getting yelled at and thrown out for silly reasons. Here are some.

Freshman Armand Rizvani has said, “I got kicked out of the freshman gym for throwing a tin ball at my friend Vasili Vasilopolous.” 

Another freshman named Andrew Lynch has said, “I got kicked out of the gym for 2 days because I showed my friend Alex Buftea a bad photo of him and he jumped on my back.” 

Number two: Vala getting a buzz cut. After having long luscious hair, no hair was a surprise to a lot of people. After winning the Ridgewood game, in the locker room, Luke Bacchioni had cut his hair with a pair of scissors. This is what Vala has to say about this. 

“About a week before the Ridgewood game I made a deal with Luke that if we win the Ridgewood game I will buzz my hair. I reassured him about the deal and everyone at the time to hype us up and make us want to win. Everyone played well and we ended up winning. Luke forgot the razor to buzz my hair but we got scissors and took a big strand off my hair which made me look really stupid. After that, I actually buzzed my hair.” 

We can confirm that Vala is going to keep it on the shorter side and not grow out his hair again. 

Number three: Spirit rally is a big thing at Wayne Hills and this year the theme was chosen to be Freshman Fishermen. The thought of that name made everyone embarrassed but not as embarrassed as Al Buff when he heard he had to be our mascot. Freshmen, Vala Absalan was a pie eater and had so much fun doing so. Here is what Vala has to say about it:

“I got two big blueberries up my nose from pie eating and everything and everyone thought that I was throwing up but it was all good.”  

Another moment of the Spirit Rally as freshmen, was Andrew Pearce’s gymnastics tricks during one of the games.

“One of the funniest moments of Spirit Rally was when I did a split during tug of war,” Eric said.

Number five: falling down the stairs. Many Freshmen are used to little stairs being in schools because middle school would only have six steps to go down at the most. This year at Wayne Hills, there are many staircases with lots and lots of stairs and newcomers aren’t used to that. As a result of this, freshmen have been falling up and down the stairs as they walk to their classes. One of the funniest moments was when freshman Giulia O’Hagan was late walking to her first period in the morning and fell down the stairs, tripping over her backpack. 

“I was walking down the stairs the second week of school with my friend Kayla Polifonte and I tripped over my slipper which made me fall down the stairs and face plant,” Giulia said.

Overall, freshmen have only been at Wayne Hills for four months and already so much has happened. Things like getting kicked out of the gym, getting in timeout, Vala getting his haircut, students getting lost, falling down the stairs, falling in cheer stunts and spirit rally moments are all things this year that are funny and entertaining to many others. I dare you to find another freshman class with better moments.  Let’s make the rest of the year the best yet and make more memories.