Community Pass Leads to SDA Sign-Up Confusion


By Deanna Inciardi and Audrey Hinchman

SDA at Wayne Hills High School has been a program for many years and gives students opportunities to make new friends and try new things. However, this year, many students ran into frustrations when they tried to sign up for their dances. 

From freshmen who had just started the program to seniors who have been in it for many years, the sign-ups got glitched when trying to enter a dance. When students logged into their community pass they clicked the dances they wanted to be entered in. When clicking these dances, they got results after if they were in it or waitlisted for it. A couple of hours later everyone seemed to be waitlisted for every dance as there was a glitch in the program. 

Almost two weeks later, the situation still is not completely resolved. Some students still don’t know whether or not they actually got into their dances. 

Maroon Jazz Captain, Jadyn Nisenson, stated that “I didn’t know how to answer people when they asked me questions because I didn’t know what was going on with the program. I figured out that many people ended up getting waitlisted for my dance and this made many people frustrated.”

Rumors were spreading throughout the school about whether or not students actually got into dances. Expectedly, students did this because they actually weren’t sure if they had gotten into the dance. The two dances that had a lot of problems were White Pom and Maroon Jazz, according to students who tried out for these dances.

White Pom Captain, Leanna Buonpastore, has stated that “It’s a very stressful process, to begin with so when I started getting overloaded with texts about the signup issue it became even more stressful not knowing if anyone was able to sign up for our dance because obviously, every captain wants their dance to fill.”

Though all of these waitlists and sign-up troubles, captains are still so excited and privileged to get to teach new students their dances. This year’s theme is mount Olympus which includes Greek gods and goddesses and their strengths. All students hope to have a very successful and fun SDA 2023 season.