Daylight Saving Time Ending?


By Robert Leszkowicz, Staff Writer

Daylight savings has always been something talked about among people as either something loved or hated. The thought of an extra hour of sleep intrigues people for the change but the less sunlight and having to get that extra hour taken away from you later in the next year might turn people away from it.

Recently the U.S senate has passed legislation that would make daylight saving time permanent starting in the year of 2023. This change was brought up supporters who advocated for more brighter afternoons and economic activity. The senate approved the measure, called the Sunshine Protective Act unanimously by voice vote. The House of Representatives, which has held a committee hearing on the matter, must still pass the bill before it can go to President Joe Biden to sign. The White House has not said whether Biden supports it. A spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declined to say if she supports the measure but said she was reviewing it closely.

Senator Marco Rubio, one of the bill’s sponsors, said supporters agreed the change would not take place until November 2023 after input from airlines and broadcasters. The change would help enable children to play outdoors later and reduce seasonal depression, according to supporters.

Students,however, did not feel strongly about the proposed change.

“I don’t really care about daylight saving as it doesn’t really affect me. I like the extra hour of sleep though in the fall and that I don’t have to go to school in the dark,” said junior Josh Lee.

The act is still under revision and is still waiting to be passed. It is interesting to see the Government putting in a lot of research for this matter and time will tell what will happened to the infamous daylight savings time.