Mikie Sherrill Re-elected for 11th Congressional District

Image taken from politico.com

Image taken from politico.com

By Emily Sawyer and Trisha Vyas

According to The Associated Press, New Jersey Democrat Mikie Sherill was re-elected to Congress in the November general election, beating Republican Paul DeGroot by nearly 43,536 votes.

This will be Sherrill’s third term serving for New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District, for the next two years, keeping the district democratically controlled. 

Before running for Congress, Sherrill was a former Navy pilot and prosecutor. She is also a mother to four children.

While DeGroot had never run for office before, he does have experience as a prosecutor for over 25 years. 

Throughout each candidate’s campaign, the topic of abortion laws was a recurring issue.

Sherrill is strongly pro-choice and an advocate for young girls, while DeGroot is a strong advocate for allowing each state to enforce its own regulations.

In an interview with NorthJersey.com, Sherrill stated, “I believe the decision to have an abortion should be between a woman and her doctor — not the government. States across the country are installing total bans, denying women healthcare and putting their lives at risk — and Paul DeGroot supports that.”

Sherrill’s campaign also centered a lot on tax relief. New Jersey citizens pay the highest property taxes in the nation. Rather than easing the burden, former President Trump double-taxed middle-class New Jerseyans by capping the SALT deduction. 

On her website, Sherrill said she believesit is critical that our tax system treats New Jerseyans fairly, and that requires a commitment to real tax relief that protects middle-class pockets, invests in growth, simplifies our tax code, and maintains our revenues. Most importantly, a tax bill that restores our full state and local tax deductions.” 

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Wayne Hills teacher Señora Perez expressed the importance of voting for Congress and said, “Having a seat in Congress is really, really important. The president doesn’t make all the decisions, and Congress really represents the people for particular issues.”

Sherrill will be taking office for her new term on January 3, 2023.