Matthew Giordano Regains Wayne BOE Seat

By Kaitlyn Nussbaum, Staff Writer

Matthew Giordano was elected as Wayne Board of Education, on Tuesday, as third place beating fourth-place finisher, Stacey Scher by more than 700 votes according to Tapinto Wayne

Matthew Giordano was re-running since he did not get the position last year. Out of the eight candidates,  Jacob Van Lunan, Stacey Sher, and Suzanne were all running together. Another team includes Ryan Batershill and Barbra Rigoglioso.  Each candidate has or had a child within the Wayne schools system and most candidates had experience with teaching or being on board already.

English teacher from Wayne Hills High School, Mrs. Powell, said, “We should elect people who have a track record of having all student’s best interests in mind.”

 Matthew Giordano said wants to focus on removing politics and focusing on costly issues. He says, “We have introduced a new level of issues in education and that is politics. I want to help us move beyond the background noise of the extreme visions that some have introduced and get back to what this town wants, a good solid high achieving educational experience for their children.” The other campaigns want to focus on things like uniting the division, securing and protecting the schools, improving and increasing communication, and helping special ed kids through education loss since the pandemic.

Giordano will take office at the Junrary re-organized meeting.