Taylor Swift Breaks Billboard Records


Image taken from vulture.com

By Emily Sawyer, Senior Editor

Taylor Swift is continuing to make music history by sweeping the entire Top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

She is the first artist ever to do so, surpassing Drake and the Beatles who were the former artists with the most titles charted at the same time. But let’s be real here: no one’s surprised.

Following the release of her newest album Midnights, fans went crazy and streaming platforms spiraled. It was even said that Swift “broke” Spotify with the amount of streaming in the first 24 hours of release.

Her track leading the 100 and marked at No. 1 is fan-favorite “Anti-Hero.”

The Billboard Hot 100, created by journalists Tom Noonan, Paul Ackerman, and Seymour Stein, is the set standard by which a song’s popularity is measured in the US. They refresh weekly, and it is a humongous deal to even have one song mentioned on the list, let alone ten.

Swift is known to top charts immediately after releasing albums, no matter the content, but she has broken an all-time high with Midnights.

While her music is incredible, Swift is also known for her cryptic messages and tying everything together whenever she can. While this sweep is not something she could control, she posted a Tweet reading “10 out of 10 of the Hot 100??? On my 10th album??? I AM IN SHAMBLES,” which gave me a laugh and could not be any more perfect timing for Swift.

With her new 10 Top 10’s, Swift “boasts the most top 10s among women in the chart’s history, with 40 (surpassing Madonna’s 38),” and out of all artists, only trails Drake (59 Top 10’s).

Wayne Hills Senior and avid Swiftie Nicollette Klein said that she’s “so happy about it and what it means for her career. In 2019, she said the Lover album was her last chance to really be successful since she was nearing 30 and women are discarded in the music industry as they age. This record breaking moment is proof that Taylor Swift is such a big part of the music industry and she’s not leaving anytime soon.”

Midnights is currently available for streaming on all platforms, and is a definite recommendation on my end!