Posters After School for Spirit Week by the Student Council


Sophomores Hannah Lee and Erin Han

By Sofia Wunej, Staff Writer

As Spirit Week approaches members of the student council hustle after school to complete spirit rally posters.

Sophmores Reina Sara and Sasha Wunej

For the spirit rally, each grade is responsible for making its own big poster as well as around 30 small posters. These posters highlight the grades theme with colorful drawings and paintings. Each class has asked a talented artist from their grade to take the lead in the artistic aspect. 

When asked how the process of making said posters have been sophomore representative Sasha Wunej said, “Staying after school to work on the posters has been good so far. It’s given everyone on student council an opportunity to participate in spirit week and it’s been fun taking time to paint and work on the poster for the rally.” 

Senior representative, Emily Sawyer said “Sometimes I just want to go home after a school day but painting posters is definitely important, and starting early in the year will definitely help us in the long run. Plus it’s really therapeutic to just paint.”

Sophomore Laiza Pelaez planned the big poster and commented on what her process was, “I knew there were so many ideas we could have because our grade color is green and our decided theme is Serpents which created many ideas for me and others working on the poster. Everyone is working on the position together no matter their artistic skills which is making the process run smoothly!”

No matter what, we all know that the student council is going to do an excellent job with the posters and get us excited about Spirit Week!