Wayne Hills High School Lunch Lines Are Inconvenient


Wayne Hills students waiting on long lunch-line

By Emily Caslander, staff writer

Students countdown the minutes till lunch. Some students eat breakfast, but most students don’t. For those who bring their own lunch, they are set and ready to eat.

At 10:22 a.m., the students come running. But the majority of students have to wait in the long and dreadful lunch line.

Ava Renner, a freshman,  said,  “School is very stressful, but I look forward to lunch. It gives me time to talk to my friends and reset from the day. Waiting in our school lunch line does take up a lot of my lunchtime though. “

Students who are coming from a class far away, get left at the back of the lunch line. Leaving them to wait for several minutes at a time.  Those who have lab second block of lunch, almost have no time to eat when buying school lunch. This may cause hungry or angry students. 

Solving the long lunch lines can be more beneficial for students, Long lunch lines mean big problems for schools. With a fast-moving and consistent lunch line, it will allow students to take a break and socialize.

A possible result is more socializing for students, they will recoup and work better during class. Students will start to socialize better with more time to talk. With the pandemic, students have been struggling with their abilities to talk to others. Not talking to others for several months was really hard for the students, especially if they were young. But if lunch lines were to move faster, students would have more time to socialize with their peers/friends, earning back the socialization they didn’t have during the pandemic.

The food service workers are working their hardest, trying to move the lunch line as fast as they can. But with students fooling around, and pushing/shoving others it’s hard to do their job. A possible solution is to hire more assistance. This will help run lunch more smoothly and will allow students to be able to socialize.