Students Dislike the New OnCourse


By Karolina Burzynska, Staff Writer

With the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, OnCourse has updated its interface and the feedback from both students and teachers is mixed. The website is less student-friendly with its organization.The OnCourse Class-List

After a student logs in, the first screen he or she is met with is a list of his or her classes on the left, and a homework list on the right. However, this screen is less used compared to one of the flawed tabs students and teachers continue to refer to, the schedule. Nicolle Cadillo, a Freshman at Wayne Hills, has her own opinions concerning different aspects of OnCourse,

“I think it’s well set-up and you can see your schedule, so you don’t have to ask guidance about it. You know one thing I hate, it takes a while to update your grades. You have to wait at least an hour to see the updates they put in. The thing I hate is the school picture. They just put the school picture there and you might not like it. I also like the account information. Like even if you forget something, you can look back for it. One thing I hate about the schedule that it’s weird. It’s messed up, and it’s different from Saturn”.

The OnCourse Tab (from a Student's Point of View)

The block schedule, especially at the beginning of the school year, can be confusing and also difficult to access because of OnCourse not having an app. Many new students at Wayne Hills rely on OnCourse for their schedule but still can get lost and feel overwhelmed when presented with the matrix. One alternative that students find is using the app Saturn, where they can also see their schedules easily and the time that their classes end. The interface of Saturn is also more friendly and appealing concerning appearance.

As of October 9th, 2022, the Wayne Hills group on Saturn has over 1,300 people. This takes away one of two popular functions on the OnCourse website, reflecting the negative opinions students have towards the website.

The other function students rely on OnCourse for is to view their grades. Unless a class receives their grades right after an assessment or an assignment, students rely on OnCourse to provide them with their grades. Going back to Nicolle’s opinion, these grades are not always out right away. Sometimes there is a delay, which can cause unnecessary anxiety for students waiting.

One more small but consistent feature OnCourse has are pictures of students. These are used to put a face to a name, but students have no control over which picture is displayed. Especially if a photo is outdated, some students dislike their lack of control over it.

Students use OnCourse on a daily basis and while they adapt to inconveniences, it does not mean they are not noticeable.