A Local Halloween Attraction To Fulfill The Spooky Season


By Robert Leszkowicz , Staff Writer

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to change its color, spooky season has now arrived, needing scary and Halloween attractions to fulfill the month of October. Look no further though as New Jersey is home to one of the most famous Halloween attractions in the United States.

Six Flags Great America kicks off Fright Fest this weekend

Located in Jackson NJ, Six Flags theme park re decorates there park to a scary and Halloween version through Sept 16 to Oct 31. The theme park is redesigned with a spooky twist, fulfilling the Halloween spirit for all who attend.

Workers at Six Flags dress up in spooky attire, some dressing as scary clowns, zombies, and more. More attractions are set up also such as haunted houses, scar zones, and having the opportunity to ride some of your favorite six flags rides in the dark. Six Flags Great Adventure Announces Hallowfest Line Up for 2020

When on entering the park the famous water fountain in the front of the park is dyed red to give image of blood with the touch of adding a tall pumpkin figure in the middle of the red fountain. Fright fest is great place to go with friends and family and is a great way to fulfill the Halloween season. When interviewing classmate Kailin Leszkowicz about her time going to fright fest her response was, “Fright Fest is my go to place for something fun and scary to do. I already enjoy Six Flags but with all the scary things it makes it better. It’s fun when I go with my friends and its a great way to get in the Halloween mood.” – Kailin Leszkowicz.

Fright Fest is open to all ages with rides for everyone who attends the park. So visit https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure  to buy your tickets to attend Six Flags Fright Fest before the season is over.