Is Halloween still popular with the teens of today?


Alyssa Tomporowski

a pumpkin, an unchanging symbol of halloween

By Alyssa Tomporowski, Staff Writer

I’m sure you remember being young and getting dressed up for Halloween, excited to go trick-or-treating with your friends. Now, though, some people may feel that high school is too old for dressing up and celebrating Halloween. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America, but do the teens of today feel too old for it? What kind of costumes do teens wear? Do some people feel that costumes are too childish? And is Halloween still widely celebrated by the teen population?

There are still many teens today who still enjoy and celebrate Halloween. Sofia Dokovic, a sophomore, still plans on dressing up and going out. “I do not feel too old to dress up in a costume. It’s something fun to do with friends and it’s fun to dress up in something you don’t wear every day,” she said.

While some may still enjoy it, some may not. Nadia Kuehn, a sophomore, expands on this. “I don’t feel comfortable dressing up for Halloween. It feels childish to me, and I would feel embarrassed parading around in a costume while little children are walking around me as well. It would just feel strange to me,” Kuehn said.

Many teens, like Kuehn, might feel like there is a certain age when teens should stop trick-or-treating. It might make you feel childish, or silly, to walk around with so many children. While this might be the case for some, though, this is not the case for everyone.

Matian Banusi, a sophomore, does not think there is a certain age when teens should stop trick-or-treating. “Halloween is a holiday where people get to express themselves in creative ways so I don’t believe there should be an age limit for it. People can do whatever makes them happy.”

Halloween is still a holiday that is widely celebrated, even if some believe it’s for children. There are still many young people who enjoy Halloween and trick-or-treating.

Dean West, a sophomore, believes Halloween is a fun thing to do with friends. “I enjoyed it more when I was younger since it was kind of a tradition and of course a major plus for candy. I certainly wouldn’t do it alone nowadays, but I surely wouldn’t want to miss a chance to goof off with my friends.”