Milan Fashion Week Catwalks It’s Way To 2022


Bella Hadid walks across the catwalk dressed in Versace

By Gabby Birkland, Junior Editor

Anticipation comes along the corner for the Milan Fashion Week as luxury brands Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Gucci, and many more showcase their newest collections through fashion events. Hosted on the Italian fashion capital Milan,  creativeness and uniqueness emerges from the shadows as the whole world will get to see what’s upcoming and new.

Gucci’s runway walk, performed by a set of 68 identical twins had left audiences in awe as they walked hand and hand down the catwalk. The creative director, Alessandro Michele, came up with this idea from his two mothers. He became fascinated with the way that they both mirrored each other. Alessandro believes that no matter how identical you may seem to one person, whether it be the same hair, the same clothes, or if you wear the same makeup, nobody is truly a perfect match to each other. As an individual, you separate yourself from others through many ways, such as what you wear. When someone wears the same thing as you, your singularity to yourself makes you question if what you’re wearing is unique. Michele said, “Fashion, after all, lives on serial multiplications that don’t hamper the most genuine expression of every individuality.” Someone may dress the same way as you, but that doesn’t mean your individuality is lost.

One of the most iconic and talented models in the contemporary fashion industry, also known as Bella Hadid, walked on Versace’s Spring Collection of 2023. Wearing a long purple flowy dress, fashion bloggers call Bella a “bride in purple.” A long veil covers Bella’s face , as her crystalized tiara is holding it up in her pin straight hair. This dress was very gothic-like, as it was used to change up from the “traditional white wedding dress.” A spot after Hadid, 2000’s star Paris Hilton closes off the Versace walk with a pink and glittery loose disco dress, mostly inspired by herself. Donatella Versace, the head of the Versace collection, congratulated the girls and everyone else participating off stage.

Kim Kardashian, paired up with Dolce and Gabbana as a team showcased their collection presented by Kim. The color choice chosen was to use mostly black and metallic. Kim didn’t want to have any colors that took their attention off of the black and white theme. On Kim’s instagram post, she commented on her caption: ” I always loved the beautiful, quintessential 90’s and 2000’s looks…. feminine, bold, they always made me feel so confident and glamorous.” Kim ended the show with a big bow, and joined arm and arm with Dolce and Gabbana. Although the show was a success, some are quick to point out Dolce and Gabbana for their past racism. Both designers Domenico and Stefano were called out on remarks such as saying that they opposed gay marriage in 2015, their sandals name “Slave Scandal” in 2016, calling Selena Gomez ugly in 2016, and calling China “China ignorant dirty smelling mafia.” Kim Kardashian’s “coverup” did not make people forget about past remarks. Wayne Hills student Andy Fitzgerald said, “Their beliefs don’t affect their clothing … Their clothing is still the same. ”

Closing off the Milan Fashion Week, Giorgio Armani brings pops of color and lightness across the runaway. Armani’s spring and summer collection consisted of loose trousers and long dresses, topped off with jackets. Armani explained to reporters, “This collection is inspired by other worlds, even if it is very Armani.” Armani tries to keep a very soft touch, nothing too harsh as everything is supposed to feel like the beginning of summer.