Don’t Worry Darling: The Rundown Full of Controversy


Some of the Don’t Worry Darling cast at the Venice Film Festival from Buzzfeed

By Emily Sawyer and Trisha Vyas

This article contains spoilers for the movie Don’t Worry Darling:

Olivia Wilde’s newest production Don’t Worry Darling has gained lots of traction, both positive and negative. While Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie a 38% rating, most of the controversy is not even from the movie itself, but from the relationship between Wilde and Harry Styles (who plays the main character, Jack). 

Wilde and pop star Harry Styles have had a past, and many viewers (particularly fans of Styles) do not support the relationship that has arisen since the filming of DWD. Wilde has been told that her relationship with Styles is “embarrassing” and that she should be “ashamed.” People are upset at the fact that Wilde left her long-term relationship with American actor Jason Sudeikis, as well as their two kids together, and that she left her family to be in a relationship with Styles–who is 10 years younger than her.

There has also been a lot of off-screen drama among co-stars of DWD, although it is all rumored to be alleged publicity stunts.

To start, a 10-second clip of Styles spitting on co-star Chris Pine at the Venice Film Festival circulated the internet and drove fans nuts. 

However, immediately after the “incident” occurred, Pine grinned as if there may have been some kind of a joke between the two stars,” and Styles later addressed the video, confirming that there was in fact no spitting.

Additionally, after the festival, a video of Styles kissing another co-star Nick Kroll on the lips was released, which shocked fans especially since Harry Styles has been vague about his sexuality in the past, and the fact that he was reportedly dating Olivia Wilde at that time. 

As if any of this wasn’t enough, Wilde and “Don’t Worry” star Florence Pugh has been reportedly feuding for almost two years. While Wilde claims to the press that there is nothing going on between the two, behind-the-scenes actions say otherwise. At the beginning of the movie’s announcement, Pugh expressed her excitement to work alongside Wilde and other stars, captioning an Instagram post with “@oliviawilde is my idol and allowed me to be a part of this fecking incredible cast.” However, by the end of filming in 2021, Florence had put out another post with a roll call of the film’s crew, adding an “unnamed ‘Director’, meaning Olivia, fourth from the bottom of a very long list. A growing affair between Olivia and Harry (which started on set) also made Florence uncomfortable, which added to the drama.

Most of the buzz surrounds the press interviews and drama behind the scenes of the movie. However, some people have mixed reviews about the movie itself. Many sources call the plot confusing and that “it doesn’t make much sense all of the time.”

Kiki Layne, who played Margaret, who was one of the most pivotal characters in the overall movie and posted on her Instagram on September 25th, 2022, two days after the movie was released, to say “The best thing about #DontWorryDarling is that I was lovely enough to meet @arielstachel. They cut is from most of the movie, but we are thriving in real life.”

Since Olivia Wilde is the director of the movie, people started to immediately put blame Kiki Layne’s absence from most of the movie on Wilde. 

Tiktok user @isabelle_dub said that “the fact that she was cut out was so [explicit] blatantly racist. Kiki was the only black woman to be cast in this movie, yet her scenes were cut out, for what? Olivia, to put herself in?” Isabelle argued that Wilde’s character Bunny had infinitely less importance to the plot than Margaret’s, but she had longer screen time due to the fact that Olivia Wilde was the director of the movie. 

Kiki was also not seen at the premiere of the movie and wasn’t invited to the Venice Film Festival with the rest of the DWD cast. 

Besides the confusing plot and the random absence of important characters like Margeret, the movie was a psychological thriller, Getting a rated R rating as a Thriller/Horror movie, certain nuances of the movie made it scary, rather than the overall plot. 

Unfortunately, while we personally loved the movie and found it extremely interesting, others did not. Senior Emily Nolan said in an interview “I was traumatized. I left the theater crying. The movie was scary and I do not recommend it.”

Overall, Don’t Worry Darling has mixed reviews: some people just go to see Harry Styles on the big screen and some go because the movie was hyped up for a long time.