Do Apple Users Love or Hate the New iOS Update?


Ethan Kim showcases the new iPhone update

By Stephanie Tulpan, Staff Writer

Avid Apple product users from all around the world have been swarming the media with craze.

In September, Apple came out with a new software update, iOS 16, that works for the iPhone 8 and later. The update introduces new focus filters, the ability to edit or unsend iMessages, and kinks to other applications.

The biggest change that Apple users love is the redesigned lock screen. It allows users to showcase their favorite pictures, customize the font style and size, and display widgets on their screens. There is even an option that allows users to switch back and forth between different wallpapers they customized.

Many people are excited about this new feature. According to sophomore Mackayla Teli, “The lock screen update is great; it makes using my phone personal.” All of the new customization options allow users to make wallpapers that are unique to them.

Some users find the new feature, the placement of notifications, to be bothersome. Although sophomore Maddie Wolke loves the new lock screen options, she said, “Notifications at the bottom of my screen looks dumb. I much prefer the old layout.”

Other tweaks of the update have stirred up many different opinions from Apple users. Some, like junior Anzor Mustafa, believe the update displays a “useless ‘Samsung’ replica.” Apple has clearly been trying to improve their products’ design, though some people wonder about the competition with their rival company, Samsung.

iOS 16 has been one of the most unique updates by Apple so far. Apple product users share many different opinions about the new look and function of the update; though, the controversy has ultimately raised the question: Is Apple trying to become the new Samsung?