Standings for the National League as MLB Playoffs Begin in 3 Weeks

By Alberto Roca, Staff Writer

On September 16, there will be 3 weeks remaining before the MLB playoffs race begin. The first game on October 7th will start with the National League and American League Wild Cards. This article will cover how the standings of the National League are doing, as well as analyze, in some way, their chances of victory.

The current standings for the AL Wild Cards are great, and the same could be said for the NL Wild Cards. For the National League West and Central, things aren’t looking as great, with the current standings of these divisions facing close to higher or higher losses than wins in their ratios. As the current standings of their division, they must excel in their standings in order to have the best chances of victory. To compare, the NL and AL Wild Card standings are pretty great, with the NL having a slightly higher chance of victory when comparing ratios, so the NL has at least a good place to start off on. However, while the NL has some strong ratios with the East division, the Central division is slightly struggling and the West is at low risk. If the AL ratios are reviewed, it can be argued that they are doing about the same, but this can change. The AL would likely push significantly further if both leagues continue at this rate, at least in my personal judgment. In addition, the NL East has two teams with phenomenal ratios (the NY Mets and the Atlanta Braves), giving the NL a slight advantage, also to my personal understanding. To elaborate, if two teams in a division have high ratios instead of one, they have a higher chance of victory since one of the teams can make that final effort if the other cannot.

Still, it could be analyzed further. The AL East and West divisions both have phenomenal 1st place standings (Yankees at 88-58 and Astros at 96-51), and the same goes for the NL East and West divisions as well. (NY Mets 93-55 and Dodgers at 101-44) Yes, when comparing the two Leagues, the NL seems to have slightly better ratios, but again, this can change.

According to, or I should say, based on their general knowledge, Emilio Roca, a student at Anthony Wayne, states that “[he guesses] the Yankees will win.” He, of course, based this predicament on his previous knowledge of the Yankees’ performance.

Besides ratios, overall performance during seasons can also be reviewed to determine which team has the highest chance of victory, but I won’t look into that. I’m no analyst, but if I were to give numbers, I would say the NL has about a 55% to 60% chance of victory, with 60% being a little bit of a stretch. With these percentages that I have precisely calculated (and are not driven by a casual guess), you could likely agree that it’s almost impossible to know which league will win, so we’ll have to see how it plays out this fall.