Meet The New Associate Band Director: Anne Pascale

By Leizl Carlo, Staff Writer

Ms.PascaleAs we begin the 2023 school year, we welcome sixteen new staff members including the new Associate Band Director: Anne Pascale. Although a new teacher, she is no stranger to the Wayne Hills High School and is, in her words, “a proud Alumnus of Wayne Hills and delighted to be returning to work alongside Matt Paterno.”

Pascale started off as any other Wayne Hills student, walking through these halls, going from class to class, and thinking about her future. As a freshman, she was forced to join the Band program even though she didn’t know how to play an instrument! Eventually she fell in love with playing the saxophone and became more involved with Band, becoming the Drum Major of the Marching Band in her Junior and Senior years.  

Her fondness for music has always existed in the form of interest in Musical Theater but she said, “I realized that I really loved music and loved helping people.” Ultimately, deciding to pursue music education at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). While there she delved into her musical passions by joining groups like an all-female acapella group and a saxophone quartet. At the end of her recent college career, she graduated from TCNJ with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education this past school year as summa cum laude.

Now as a teacher here at Hills, she expressed her feelings of coming back here as, “really cool to be back,” and even reflected on her excitement of teaching here. “Since I went through the program and had Mr. Paterno as my band director, it’s very interesting to be a colleague with him. I’m very, very grateful for the opportunity,” she said.

Although excited to be back, Pascale also reflected on her own obstacles as a new teacher. Everyone faces obstacles and she is no different as she adapts to her new job. The issue of time management is something that challenges her as she tries to give her students the attention and education they need as well as finding time for self care. Interestingly enough she faces a funnier obstacle in being mistaken for another student and being asked for a hall pass by a Vice Principal! 

Even though there are current obstacles and future challenges, our new band director has big wants and goals as a teacher. “My goals are to have each student that walks into my classroom feel safe…have a positive musical experience, a good relationship with music and a meaningful experience as well,” she said. 

As confident as she said her goals, she also shared parting advice for those who are thinking about pursuing a career in education: “Go for it because there’s not a more rewarding career path where you get to go to work every day and make connections. And you get to continue to grow alongside the students so you get to learn as they learn.”