Chaos in the Wayne Hills Parking Lot Causes Frustration


Giulia O'Hagan

Wayne Hills senior are causing chaos, they are unaware from their surroundings.

By Emily Caslander and Audrey Hinchman

Every day, Once the clock, strikes 2:19 p.m. students run out the door, ready to go home, rest, and do their homework. But this is a problem for many. Parents, buses, teachers, and pedestrians are trying to get home safely, but how are they supposed to do that? With all the traffic in the parking lot, irresponsible teens may cause accidents.

Starting on September 6, the first day of school, students in the senior parking lot are not aware of what they are doing or where they are going. This causes multiple people to start honking, get mad, or use foul language toward each other. Some cars even get hit by others because everyone is in a rush to get home.

Wayne Hills High Schools students aren’t aware of their surroundings in the parking lot, causing chaos and others getting annoyed.

Ava Cahn, a senior from Wayne Hills High School said, “Getting out of the parking lot is super frustrating and makes everyone annoyed. People should let others go one at a time.”

Many people believe, there need to be ways to improve the parking lot so this ongoing problem comes to an end.

A few ideas to ease traffic in the parking lot includes, Installing cameras, and more routes to get in and out of the school. This will reduce traffic, and create less of a hassle for students, parents, and any other pedestrians.

Detective Foster, the cop at Wayne Hills High School has said, “I advise the seniors to take their time, follow traffic rules and watch out for pedestrians. Last year there were a lot of accidents and students weren’t following the rules.”

The moral of the story is that seniors in the school parking lot should be more aware and follow the rules of traffic guidelines so they don’t annoy other students, bus drivers, or even other pedestrians.