Course Weighting Proposal For The 2022-2023 School Year


By Stephanie Tulpan, Staff Writer

Parents and students in Wayne remain concerned about the grade-weighting system used in the Wayne School District. They believe that each high school course should have a maximum GPA which corresponds with the level of that course, ultimately creating a gap in between the maximum GPAs for high school general classes and high school enriched classes. The incentive behind this idea was that because students in the enriched classes are taking on additional challenge and rigor, they should be credited more. 

Traditionally, classes at the high schools have the following maximum GPAs: general and enriched classes have a maximum of 4.0, and honors and advanced placement (AP) classes have a maximum of 5.0. This eventually became a concern for Wayne Residents, so they went on to suggest that because enriched classes are at a higher level than general classes, the maximum GPA of these enriched classes should be higher, too. It was not until recently that the administration took this notion into consideration and furthered the proposal.

On June 10, 2022, the district’s weighted grade committee met to discuss the proposal made by the administration. Administration proposed that enriched classes should be weighted for all students moving forward, the maximum GPA being increased by 0.25–ultimately a maximum of 4.25–and that this should go into effect starting September 1, 2022. 

The administration and committee have high hopes that this change will provide meaningful benefits to students. According to Wayne’s Assistant Superintendent, Ms. Donna Reichman, “Parents and students shared that giving weight to enriched classes would inspire more students to challenge themselves and take enriched classes.” Parents hope that crediting students for taking enriched classes will result in students feeling as though their effort and hard work is being acknowledged. 

Although many people are in favor of this new plan being implemented, some are opposed to it. Some students believe that enriched classes being weighted will decrease the value of their honors and AP classes. Zach Zardezed, a Wayne Hills Freshman who takes several honors classes, says that, “Most enriched classes should not be worth one fourth of the weight of AP or honors level classes. An A letter grade in an enriched class will practically be worth the weight of a B+ in an honors or AP class; the levels of the classes are not equal, and neither should the weights be.” While some students are happy that their work will be credited, other students are concerned that their work will be discredited.

The next step of furthering this proposal will take place on Thursday, June 16th, at Wayne’s Board of Education meeting where the Board will share the recommendation and update Wayne parents on the final determination of whether enriched classes will be weighted or not.