Students Take Benchmark Assessments for Math Courses

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By Lizzy Boulos and Lilibeth Arriaga

Courses such as Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 students will be taking a benchmark exam this week. 

The students we interviewed they seem to be overwhelmed and unhappy with more testing.

“I’m not happy about it, I feel like we have done so much testing this year. I’m just really ready for summer, I don’t really have the motivation to do testing anymore,” said junior Jenna Daghestani. 

The purpose of this test is to collect data on student growth during this year in order to inform instruction and potentially create opportunities for students to reinforce any areas of weakness.

Mr. Cavins,  who supervises the math department and serves as the class of 2024 Assistant Principal said, “Students should always try their best in benchmark testing since it will be utilized to inform teacher instruction and identify students that may benefit from additional instruction.”

Although this year has been dragging, testing is almost over, and the end is in sight. Without this testing, the admin would not know where students are academic. Just keep in mind we have 9 days left!!