New Jersey Primary Elections Are Tomorrow: Heres What to Know


Photo: New Jersey Division of Elections

By Sasha Budesa, Staff Writer

Tuesday is Election Day in New Jersey: all around the state, people will be lining up at voting booths in schools and gymnasiums to cast their ballot.

But what’s this election all about?

What are the primary elections?

The June 7th primaries will allow voters to determine who, from each party, will run for the United States House of Representatives in November.

They do not determine who will actually win the House seats, they only determine who will be on the ballot.

Who’s running?

Wayne New Jersey is apart of New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District.

In the 11th Congressional District, incumbent Mikie Sherrill will be the only candidate running in the Democratic Primary, while the Republican primary has five candidates running: Toby Anderson, Paul deGroot, Alexander Halter, Ruth McAndrew, and Tayfun Selen (Ballotpedia | 2022).

Am I eligible to vote?

You must be 18 years of age and registered to vote to cast a ballot in any New Jersey election.

You can check your voting status at

In addition, you must have registered to vote before May 17th, the voter deadline for the June 7th elections.

Though some states may restrict primary elections to just registered Democratic or Republican voters, it is important to note this is not the case in New Jersey: unaffiliated voters may cast a Democratic or Republican ballot, but they will be registered under that party afterwards.

Where can I vote?

You may find your nearest polling place by entering your address in the New Jersey Division of Elections Polling Place Search.

Will Wayne Hills Seniors Be Voting?

Some Wayne Hills High School seniors are eligible to vote, but will they be voting?

Naomi Ghanime, a senior at Wayne Hills High School, said, “I’m going to be voting tomorrow since I’m looking forward to contributing to the community with my opinions.”