Bill Aims to Provide Free Menstrual Products


By Lilibeth Arriaga, Staff Writer

Each month most girls go through cramps, headaches, nauseous, and the list goes on when a girl deals with a menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycle products can sometimes be expensive, especially buying products each month. As well as it is a hassle bringing the products everywhere you go. Allowing people to get free access to menstrual products sounds like a good idea. Being able to go into places and products being provided for you will lift some stress off, students.

A bill in the New Jersey State legislature will require free menstrual products to be provided in public places and school bathrooms. This bill allowed for products to be accessible to anyone who needs them. While providing a safe and comfortable environment. This bill required elementary, middle, and high schools, shelters, and even correctional to provide disposable menstrual products. 

U.S Rep. Grace Meng introduced the Menstrual Equity for All Act 2021. This act will allow many people who have a menstrual cycle to access needed products.

While there are some problems in allowing this bill to pass, the committee disagrees with allowing the bill to be placed with gender-neutral language, which means allowing menstrual products in both women’s and men’s bathrooms. They have disagreed with placing products in all bathrooms causing it to cost more than it should.

While the bill is disagreed upon, giving access to menstrual products allows others to get them easily.

Joy Lee, a senior gives her opinion on the bill that allows free menstrual products.

“I think it’s a great idea because as a female we are never sure when our menstrual cycle will start and having it free will lift the burden for most people” she stated. 

The Wayne Hills administration has decided to get ahead of the curve and included menstrual products in select women’s bathrooms.

Ms. Venezia stated, “We’re doing this regardless of the law for the people [who have menstrual cycles] We are responding cause we care about our students”.