Monkeypox Outbreak and Cases Spreading Around the World


By David Valdes, Staff Writer

Recently, there has been an outbreak of the disease, monkeypox, in Europe.

The recent spread of monkeypox is thought to have spread initially through sexual contact at two raves located in Spain and Belgium. According to WHO (World Health Organization), 23 countries have reported 257 confirmed cases and 120 cases that are currently under investigation. The fatality rate of monkeypox is only 1 – 10%.

Even though the numbers are low, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control thinks that countries

An image with countries that have confirmed cases of Monkeypox

should still monitor the cases and identify them as quickly as possible to stop the spread of Monkeypox.

The numbers are a lot lower in the US. The first case was confirmed in a man in Massachusetts. There are 15 other confirmed cases. Suspected cases include one in New York City, one in Florida, and two in Utah. In April, these people reportedly traveled and then felt symptoms in May. The US has gathered millions of doses of two vaccines that are used for smallpox. They are also effective against Monkeypox.

Hills science teacher, Mrs. Scheisler, said, “The current monkeypox outbreak does not concern me because the spread of this virus comes after close physical contact and the fatality rate is low. Most people that get monkeypox recover without treatment. Having outbreaks globally with the amount of international travel that is happening is to be expected. ”

While the health risk is global, it is only considered global at a moderate level. The Global Health Agency recommends that countries should work to stop the spread, as well as protect health workers so they do not contract the virus.