Finland and Sweden are preparing to join NATO


Sweden’s Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersson (left) meeting with the Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson

By David Valdes, Staff Writer

According to many worldwide news sources, such as the New York Times and Fox News, leaders in Finland and Sweden have been discussing the application process for joining NATO.

Ever since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, European countries like Finland and Sweden have felt uneasy. Sweden has avoided alliances for over 200 years, and Finland has been neutral since World War II. One of the main motives for them to join NATO is to have security, in case Russia tried to make any moves on them. Russia has already made threats saying there could be “military and political repercussions” if they were to join NATO. Multiple countries have already promised security to Finland and Sweden, such as the U.S. and Germany. Joining NATO would also mean if Russia did attack them, they would be starting a war with all of NATO

This could also cause Russia to be put into a bad situation. It would put it right next to two more NATO countries, making itself even more vulnerable. This is exactly what Putin was trying to prevent when he invaded Ukraine. Instead, he just brought NATO closer to him.

When asked how he feels about Finland and Sweden joining NATO, Hills freshman Timothy Torubarov said, “As these times are very uncertain, having more countries stand up for the unjust behavior of Russia is very important. Especially considering the threat, Russia could face Finland and Sweden if they wish to pursue their imperialistic desires, joining nato helps them have protection. Having allies all over the world helps lower the chances of violence, and joining nato is important for them in this situation.”

Sweden and Finland will most likely be joining NATO within a few days and then Russia will have its response.